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Facials – $55: One hour of relaxing treatment in which we give you a custom facial that addresses your immediate needs whether they are deep-cleansing, brightening, healing etc. This process will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated so you can continue your day feeling great.


Microdermabrasion - $29: Half an hour of a safe and efficient form of exfoliation with no discomfort. It combines the polishing action of diamond flecks with cleaning action of a vacuum to gently remove the dead cells of the top layers of the skin. It can be compared to a controlled and gentle sanding of the skin. $55: An hour long complex 5 in one microdermabrasion which includes a mask, ultrasound treatment, photon treatment, and a hot hammer.



Side Burns-$10




Bikini Line-$20

Full Legs-$52

Full Arms-$40

Full Face-$23

Chin and Upper lip -$10

Upper Lip-$5

Lower Legs-$28



Relaxation massage -  $55: A soothing hour-long massage to relax muscles and get rid of stress.



Tinting - $15 eyebrows or eyelashes

Tweezing - $15

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal - Our highly skilled laser technicians offer treatments with the state of the art LHE system: In order to inhibit and prevent future hair growth, the hair bulb must be damaged. Raising the temperature inside the follicle until it clots is essential to its destruction. Unlike conventional light-based technologies , LHE uses heat generated by the flash of light to safely achieve this goal.

Prices per Session:

Lip - $7, Chin - $8, Full Face -$35,  Neck - $20, Chest - $30, Abdomen -$35 , Full Legs - $140,Shoulders - $15, Upper Back - $40, Lower Back $35, Buttocks - $30, Brazilian - $40, Feet - $12, Hands - 12, Full Arms - $60, Underarms $20